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Jak wydać własną książkę?

Chcesz wydać książkę, ale nie wiesz jak się za to zabrać? Wydawnictwa tradycyjne nie są zainteresowane finansowaniem wydania, a Ciebie nie stać na zainwestowanie własnych środków? 

Mamy na to świetną metodę – PATRONAT!

Umów się i dowiedz jak to zrobić!

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Nice to meet you, I’m Kelly Brown

Working together to achieve your goals and understand the marketing world and PPC. You will have complete guidance and support from me throughout all processes.

I have always loved the marketing world, and I’m really passionate about PPC. Benefit from my vast experience and knowledge.

Learn from previous students & hear what they say about PPC lessons

“John came at the right time. I wanted to start promoting my business, and he led me directly to success.”
Wayne R.
“I learned so much in this course and can now start building PPC campaigns easily.”
John S.
“Stop looking for another course. John's one-on-one course is the best on the market.”
Helen B.
“Very informative course! And the best thing was that I learned it online from the comfort of my home.”
Nancy P.
“I have a small business, and I want new clients. This PPC course taught me how to do this.”
Darlene M.
“The course was tailored just for me. John scheduled a perfect plan and I learned PPC in no time.”
Brian L.

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